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                              Queen's University

                              Front Page Slideshow


                              • The Art of Research 2019 Contest

                                The deadline to submit your photo is March 1, 2019. Capture a moment under the microscope, in the lab, or on your computer. Go out in the community and explore human dimensions and the beauty of nature. Be global...

                              • Think Grad Studies Days

                                Feb. 14 or March 7: Join us for a day of activities to experience what being a grad student in Arts and Science at Queen’s is like firsthand.

                              • Pre-Doctoral Fellowships for Indigenous Students

                                The Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen’s University invites applications for three one-year Pre-Doctoral Fellowships for Indigenous Students.

                              • 2019 Kingston Canadian Film Festival

                                Feb 28 - Mar 3: Featuring Canadian movies from coast to coast to coast, industry guest Q&As, workshops, panels, receptions and special events geared to students.

                              • Building for the Future

                                Queen’s is hiring tenured and tenure-track positions across all disciplines. Learn more about becoming a part of Canada’s definitive university experience.

                              • Free Software!

                                Did you know that IT Services offers free software to students, faculty, and staff? Check out what is available and find out how to download each title.

                              • For Parents and Guardians

                                Visit our website regularly to find information and resources that will empower your student to succeed, both academically and personally, at Queen’s.

                              Experience Queen's

                              Certificate in Law

                              Queen’s Law Certificate is Canada’s only undergraduate law program to be offered by a law faculty both online and in a blended format on campus. Take individual courses or work toward the full certificate.